For over 15 years the products of Bite AG have been used by security surveillance services companies, retirement homes, fire departments and ad agencies.

Bite AG is the leading manufacturer of software for security surveillance services companies in German-speaking countries, with over 1,000 users and more than 180 customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Slovakia.

Bite AG’s software products ensure integrated data processing for personnel scheduling, pay roll preparation and invoicing. Bite AG provides an enormous potential to streamline tasks. Time consuming and mistake-ridden manual data entry and date control in pay roll and financial bookkeeping can be reduced up to 80%! With Bite AG software, comprehensive analysis and controls guarantee professional planning for the use of resources and employees.

Bite AG is engaged in training programs with public professional schools in Germany that offer training programs for protection and security surveillance. This cooperation is becoming increasingly popular by private training institutes as well.