Mission statement and self-conception of Bite AG

Our compass of values

  1. Reliability
  2. Confidence
  3. Family
  4. Honesty
  5. Professionalism
  6. Friendliness
  7. Fun
  8. Modernity

Our mission statement and self-conception and the values embodied therein are valid for colleagues, customers, business partners, and suppliers – without distinction.

This is a guideline that reflects our ideal. That’s where we’re headed. Much of it already exists, and we still want to achieve many things. Throughout our development process, we can always recall the contents and refer to this signpost.

In all this, we are people with different forms on the day. Nobody needs to pretend anything, everyone can be authentic. We treat each other in a friendly and attentive manner, show good tact and the right degree of sensitivity.

1. REALLY reliable

What was agreed upon, we shall observe. We provide prompt feedback on questions and enquiries. It is good that we can rely on each other.

2. REALLY trustful

Our open and appreciative attitude towards one another creates the basis for trust. We give others a leap of faith. We are convinced that we work with trustworthy people.

3. REALLY like a family

Our company is like a family. We also engage in various leisure activities outside working hours. Friendly, loyal, and respectful interaction is our basis.

4. REALLY honest

We are honest, sincere, and fair. This includes that everyone admits his or her mistakes, and articulates them when something has not worked out.

5. REALLY professional

We are aware of our capabilities and make the best possible use of them. We approach our tasks in a structured and disciplined manner.

6. REALLY friendly

We treat all people fairly and equally well. We are firmly convinced that a lot can be compensated with friendliness. Our basic attitude is positive – even if something doesn’t run quite so smoothly. We are there for each other and make sure that we feel good together.

7. REALLY fun

We are authentic and play our part personally. We enjoy what we do. Identification with the company is very important to us.

8. REALLY modern

Together, we make sure that we and the company are doing well. We deal sensitively with the human resource, which is our most valuable asset. We work in teams of different composition, and adapt the team to the projects. Moving something, implementing ideas and trying something out – that is our basic attitude.