Our software products

Shift planning – payroll accounting – writing invoices … new every month … again and again manually. Recording hours, transferring data, checking lists, correcting … Many hours are spent on manual rescheduling and sending out new plans.

Things can be done faster, easier, and safer – no matter where your focus is: security service, railway security, event planning, rescue service, or fire brigade.

We have a solution for you.


Bite AG’s DISPONIC software combines tried and tested functions with the latest technical possibilities. Together with DISPONIC on the web, the portal on the internet with its functions such as duty roster information, application for leave, and more, fast and up-to-date communication over large and small distances becomes possible.

For more information, click on www.disponic.de.


PADIS, the staff deployment planning for security service providers, has 20 years of experience. We have been cooperating with numerous customers for years. As a result of individual adaptations to the requirements of the respective company, optimal solutions for staff planning, personnel administration, and accounting have been developed.


LOGATRONIC also combines years of experience and development. Like our other products, this commercial software is also used for staff deployment planning, gross wage calculation, and invoicing. Its modular structure makes it possible to adapt it exactly to the various needs and company sizes.